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From our Visitors’ Book in 2016

20th March
S.L. (London, journalist) for ‘British Heritage’, USA: ‘An extraordinary experience – informative and enjoyable.’

17th April
D.M. (father and son): ‘Fantastic trip from London. Our guide knew so much which will help my exams.’

3rd June
O.T. (Surrey): ‘Fun and nice people.’
R.G. (Sussex): ‘History comes alive here.’

5th June
G.O. (Croydon): ‘Wonderful exhibition – really enjoyed looking round.’

10th July
C.R. (London): ‘Absolutely fab!’

1 September
C.A. (New Zealand): ‘Many thanks for invaluable help tracing my ancestors.’

29 September
Primary School in Hastings: ‘Kids loved it.’

14 October
J. T. (Tennessee, USA): ‘Love this place, thank you.’

29 October
Elira: ‘I’m going to know lots and lots when I go back to school.’